Born on 11th May 1973 in Messina, where she lives and works. Graduated in Environmental Engineering in 1998, at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome.
She worked principally for environmental, waste and light systems.
The passion for her profession and research brings her to experiment “The art of recycle”.
With original techniques she decontextualizes and converts waste materials into pieces of art exhibited in Italy and abroad.
Art and design, jewellery, accessories and an environment- sustainable fashion line, she produces sculpture objects whose aesthetic value competes with the ethical value of a great environmental project, because art can transform a problem into an opportunity.
In her artistic laboratory, a fascinating refurbished industrial space, she also involves a number of other local artists in art&design projects using industrial waste materials. In this way Linda Schipani created a very original art collection, the EcoLlection, in which every pieces of art has been realized using only old electrical components coming from the electromechanical family's factories where she found her artistic space.
This initiative, that she called “ArtEcoDesign in factory”, proposes itself as a possible model for an efficient environment strategy to be adopted by different manufacturing industries with the objective of minimising production and disposal of waste material by means of an intelligent, constructive, creative and ecological approach to the problem.

Artistic Activity

Art Exhibitions: From 2006 to 2017 - collectives and personal art exhibitions in Italy (Messina, Palermo, Catania, Roma, Milano, Firenze, Trieste, Napoli, Lucca, Genova, Avellino, Benevento and other smaller cities) and abroad ( England, London- Spain, Ibiza- Slovenia, Ljubljana- Japan, Fukuoka- China, Hangzhou- Germany, Berlin- Senegal, Dakar- Switzerland, St. Moritz- India, Chennai and New Delhi).

Fashion Shows: From 2015: Messina, Catania, Palermo, Milazzo, Roccavaldina.

Holdings and prizes: Florence Biennale 2009 (third prize); Venice Biennale 2011; BIAT Napoli Innovation and High Technology Lab; Expo Milano 2015; 12 national awards for Art, Design and Environmental artistic projects.

Curator of art Exhibitions: 20 exhibitions in Italy about the art of recycling and 5 art exhibitions for students and children ( in Italy and in Senegal, Dakar, school of Pikine) .